Moncler & Greg Lauren New Colide Collection

Italian fashion house Moncler team up with multi-talented American artist Greg Lauren team up and create Collide, a highly experimental new collection between both brands.


Lauren and Moncler have created a highly stylized look that is as much an art piece as it is clothing. Collide is a fitting name for the collection as the denim fabric brought on by Lauren is a stark contrast to the classic Moncler coats. Greg Lauren seems to have a story to tell behind these fashion pieces as the puffer jackets have been dismantled and reinvented with close attention. Collide will be presented on March 3rd 2017 in Paris.


The multi-faceted artist Greg Lauren is many things: a painter, actor, fashion designer, and sculptor. Whether designing clothes for men or women, he has always possessed a unique concept of fashion design, one that is rooted in vintage. It was during his time studying art at Princeton that he discovered his ability to overlap different aesthetic fields. This overlapping is evident in the Collide collection as fabrics who usually remain mutually exclusive,now, are sewn together.

Lauren and Moncler’s new collection is made of around 200 pieces for both men and women, and will be available in three colours: fire red, light blue, and military green. Collide will be available for purchase in the fall, at selected Moncler boutiques and on