The Business of Cannabis: 3|Sixty Secure Corp.

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By Jason Gorber

As part of our Business Talks with Canada’s top cannabis CEOs, we had the pleasure of speaking with:

Thomas Gerstenecker

Founder/CEO, 3|Sixty Secure Corp.

Mississippi Mills, Ontario

What does your company do? We provide customized security solutions to public and private sector clients across the globe, delivering security management, armed and unarmed guarding, transport, integrated security systems, executive protection, and consulting.

How have you seen the industry change? As licensed producers increase production and strive to provide the best product possible, their security requirements are evolving. As strategic security management, technological security, perimeter guarding, and secure transport needs evolve, we’re meeting these needs by expanding our capacity to serve them.


What would you like to see change further, and how are you contributing to that change? I would like to see more strategic partnerships. We already provide secure transport services for high-value, large volume cannabis and short-term cannabis storage services across the country. One of our many partners is Pineapple Express, providing same-day and expedited delivery services to retail and residential endpoints. This leverages the unique strengths of 3|Sixty, which brings expertise in seed-to-sale security for the cannabis industry and Pineapple Express, which has more than 10 years of on-demand delivery and real-time tracking.

What do you see as the industry’s major challenges/road-blocks? The cannabis industry is evolving at record speed. Seeing trends and being innovative is the only way to do business. We have an obligation to our customers, partners, and investors to stay on top of our risk-mitigation business, from ensuring our armed and unarmed guards are vetted and trained to taking advantage of the very latest in secure transport, like state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled, GPS-protected vehicles. We are obligated to stay ahead of the curve.

What is the biggest misconception about this industry? The biggest is that Health Canada’s cannabis security regulations are no more than a prescriptive set of rigid rules. In fact, they are more of a framework. The government recognized, as we [do], that every business is unique. The highly regulated cannabis industry requires comprehensive and flexible suites of security and compliance solutions. We work alongside each client to provide holistic security and integrated risk-management solutions – solutions that meet all cannabis security regulations yet are tailored to individual business needs.

What is the industry going to look like in five years? We’ll see an overall maturity in the industry, where everything won’t feel so experimental, and there will be more predictability in every space. There is so much opportunity out there! We are looking at targeted growth and expansion, offering fairly priced, proven security services across Canada, North America, and globally. Wherever cannabis is legalized, 3|Sixty Secure Corp will be there for clients, partners, and investors.