Silk City Recruit Goldlink and Desiigner on Loud

Mark Ronson and Diplo are unquestionably two of music’s top producers so it’s only fitting for them to team up as the duo known as Silk City. This time around, the duo brings together Goldlink and Desiigner for the funky dance track “Loud”.

“Loud’s” sound is very fitting for late nights at the club. Mark Ronson and Diplo really tap into what Goldlink is best at and give him tempo he needs to shine. This is somewhat of a new territory for Desiigner, as he is mostly known for rapping over trap beats. Still, the young New York Native delivers a great hook which adds a great deal to the song as a whole.

Ronson and Diplo named their duo after the Philadelphia venue were Diplo got his first gig as a DJ. Silk City only has a handful of releases out, but they are teasing some major collabs with superstars like Dua Lipa in the near future.

Have a Listen.