Canadian Treasure

Ever want to tour the country in a foreign ride? Exotic car rentals (like Loue La Vie Exotic Car Rentals) are a trend sweeping the country and are making dream road trips through places like Quebec a breeze.

Le St Sulpice Montreal

Le St Sulpice Montreal

A long drive through the country's landscape is a great way to experience Canada, and making the trip in a variety of Porsches makes it all the better. Exotic car rental companies are making it their mission to bring your dream road trip to life. One in particular, Loue La Vie Exotic Car Rentals, is giving travel enthusiasts the opportunity to make the drive from Montreal to St. Paul Bay in some of the best Porsches money that can buy, while sleeping in some of the nicest hotels in the country.

Travellers won’t be in a rush to get to their hotels as they will witness some of Quebec's most picturesque landscapes while at the wheel of the latest 911, Panamera, and convertible Porsches.

911 MIAMI LEs-1.jpg

Going above and beyond a simple car rental, travellers will get to stay in the gorgeous Mont-Tremblant Resort and be treated to the finest of ice wines exclusive to the award winning L’Orpailleur Vineyard. At days end, guests will be served supper at the Laurie Raphael restaurant by renowned chef Daniel Vezina.

Further along the trip, drivers will get to cruise alongside the majestic St. Lawrence River. Once in Quebec, drivers will rest at Le Germain Hotel, a historic monument established in 1870.

As the two-day road trip continues, travellers will discover the First Nations of Wendake, enjoy dinner on the terrace of the brewery at Le Café du Monde, and visit the Charlevoix and Coudres Island regions, all while enjoying the road luxuries offered by Porsche.

Loue La Vie Exotic Car Rentals has made it that much easier to experience the best of Quebec in style. The hardest part will be returning to your day-to-day life after experiencing these two days of pure luxury.