Black Fire Edition BMW X5 M


by Aniseh Sharifi

This Black Fire Edition BMW X5 M is the definition of speed and power, and proves that fast and furious power is not only limited to sports sedans.  

BMW X5 M.jpg

On the outside, the vehicle has the signature BMW X5 M body with details such as the carbon mirror caps and forged 21-inch black M alloy wheels specific to the Black Fire Edition. It's underneath the Black Sapphire Metallic paint and that iconic black M grill that lays a potent 4.4L V8 engine eager to roar and be heard. This Sports Activity Vehicle can do 0 to 100km/h in just 4.2 seconds. 

It’s filled with all the functional features you would use in your day-to-day commutes, including Apple CarPlay, Wireless Charging, Multifunctional/Ventilated Seats, Park Assistant, Surround View, and Wifi Hotspot, to name a few. The sporty steering wheel provides absolute control in the eye-catching cockpit, allowing shortcuts to all the commands and drive modes. The Head-up Display is easy to manage from your line of vision and allows easy access to more of the features like calling on your personal assistant, known as the BMW Concierge, anytime and anywhere.  


Spacious enough for grown men and all their lifestyle gears and accessories, the interior is upholstered in fine-grain Merino leather, in Black and Mugello Red with the contrasting red stitching on the underlining and central console. The piano black finish trim adds the final touches to the stylish interior, emphasizing again its special edition.

This X5 M delivers the power and confidence you want on the road. At a top performance of 567 horsepower and fuel consumption of 16.6L in the city, 12.1L on the highway, and 14.6L combo per 100km, the vehicle is surprisingly light and agile. The M TwinPower turbo engine is shamelessly loud and extremely gratifying. The xDrive four-wheel drive system provides the ultimate traction control technology while surpassing stability, handling, and safety standards. The magical M includes M Compound brakes, 8-speed M transmission, and Dynamic Stability Control, allowing you to change the driving feel from Super Sporty to Comfort and adapt to any driving situation and preference.  

The Black Fire Edition BMW X5 M has massive power and provides a truly emotional and extreme driving experience, reminding you every day that you can be fast and furious and still drive an SUV.