Spin in Style: Record Players at Every Price Point

By Marie-Eve Venne

There are still people out there who think that turntables belong in the past, but the ones in this list aren’t your grandparents’ record players. There has been a ton of innovation that makes the best models modern products. As a result of all of these new options and tricky naming conventions, the market for the best turntables can be a little confusing. Hence the following list, which turns shopping for a new record player into kid’s play.



This model is the physical representation of what happens when a quality brand decides to produce an affordable plastic turntable. The Elemental comes with an Ortofon cartridge and a central gravity mass point. It is so simple to use, all you need to do after opening the box is remove the bearing guard, locate the belt around the platter, remove the stylus guard, and plug it in to play your favourite vinyl. Pure simplicity!



REGAPlanar 6($2,550)

regar planar.jpeg

Coming from a brand that has produced a long series of award-winning turntables, this model is the new and improved little cousin that delivers a refined and perfectly balanced sound. It is uncannily quiet and gives a new vibrancy to any record. Not only has Rega moved performance to a higher degree, but they have done so with only a small difference of price compared to their older models. This turntable is definitely unbeatable.



KRONOSSparta: Bras Black Beauty, Cellule Zyx Ultimate Omega($38,500)



Here, we are talking about a pure luxury product that belongs to the Olympia of turntables. This model doesn’t seem to produce any sound at all and is basically all the turntables you had before but with more. The Kronos Sparta delivers the illusion of soundstage dimension with even more roundness than its competitors, while using two counter-rotating platters to cancel out any suspension-rocking.