Big Luxury In A Small City

The 2018 Lincoln Navigator is Another Great Addition to Lincoln’s Legacy

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When people think of the Lincoln Navigator, getting behind the wheel is not the first thing to come to mind.  Many tend to focus on the passenger experience rather than its drivability, that or the always intriguing Matthew McConaughey commercials. Either way the Navigator has and will always be a symbol of luxury. As I met with Terry Erb, Lincoln’s director of marketing and sales, earlier this year at Montreal’s Salon de L’auto,  he more than assured me that the 2018 Lincoln Navigator is as much of a joy to drive as it is to be driven in. As much as his words swayed my somewhat biased opinion towards the luxury SUV, I still needed to experience the vehicle first hand. So like anyone in my position would do, I made some phone calls, gathered a few friends, and set out on a 101 km road trip from Montreal to Vermont. I am pleased to say that, just like the 2018 Lincoln MKZ, the 2018 Lincoln Navigator continues to deliver the superior comfort and nuanced elegance we have come to know and love from the Luxury brand.

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Ok, so I might not have gone as far South as most would expect, but there is a very valid reason for my chosen destination. I shamelessly admit that my trip down to Vermont was heavily inspired by the 2018 Lincoln Navigator: Uncharted Waters commercial starring the brands biggest ambassador Mr. McConaughey himself. The commercial exudes a sophisticated ruggedness and illustrates the Navigator as an SUV that welcomes both rural roads and city streets alike.  Vermont is a state that offers both of these experiences along with a beautiful view of the northeastern part of the country, and so it was an easy call.


I began my trip down to Vermont comfortably seated as a passenger. Within moments, it became evident why the Navigator has been the go-to for VIP transportation. Before I even stretched my hand to open the door, I was greeted by a LED-illuminated Lincoln Star logo as a welcome mat. A simple yet stylish statement of Lincoln’s effort towards creating a memorable experience for everyone on board. It is this same effort that leads to Lincoln including Perfect Position Seats with Active Motion massage, something that, as a passenger, I was able to take full advantage of.  As we made our way towards the border, the Panoramic Vista Roof let sunlight shine on both me and my friends.

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Once we got on the ferry that brought us from Plattsburgh to Vermont, I finally was able to fully recreate the Lincoln commercial first hand. I thought the ferry ride was going to be the best part of the trip, that is until we hit land and I had my turn behind the wheel. Like McConaughey, I shuffled through driving modes. With the quick twist of the knob, I went from normal to excite and continued onward. The responsive shift was felt immediately. I could then better grasp just how much power the Navigator’s 3.5 L twin-turbocharged V6 engine actually has. What impressed me the most was the Navigator’s six distinctive driving modes and how they completely changed the road experience and the information on the digital dash as well. The always handy heads-up display was a great tool as well as it gave me the option of switching the speedometer from Kilometers to Miles while never having to take my eyes off the road.

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As memorable as the travel from Montreal to Vermont and back was, it is the time we spend in the 2018 Lincoln Navigator that will stick with us the most. From its impressive features like parking assistance, SYNC®3, or the expertly crafted REVEL Ultima Audio System, the Navigator goes above and beyond when it comes to meeting luxury with functionality. Intimidating in size, it is a large SUV that does handle as such. The Navigator offers a fantastic experience, one that is not reserved for the passenger alone.