Travel Faster In The X Plane From NASA


Imagine being able to travel from New York to Paris in just 3.5 hours. The idea of a 7 and a half hour flight cut by half seems crazy even in this era of technological advancement, yet the Concorde Supersonic jet from NASA did just that. Originally launched in 1976, the jet was meant to revolutionize commercial air travel forever, and shared more in common with a spaceship than with a plane due to its hyper fast speed. Unfortunately its speed was not the only thing it shared in common with the a spaceship, its biggest flaw was the sound of the sonic boom it made once it broke through the sound barrier and entered its cruising speed. NASA is not known for throwing in the towel, instead of scraping the Concorde, the space program have tackled its design flaw and have given the jet new life as their new X plane.

NASA has given over the project to Lockheed Martin, and so a real-world Quiet Supersonic Transport  (QueSST) is being built with the intention of it becoming a passenger vehicle. Once completed, the X Plane will turn the sonic boom into the sound of a heartbeat. NASA also want to make the plane a lot more green compared to its predecessor. Let’s hope they get it ready sooner than later and turn a trip from Toronto to Vegas seem like a drive to the mall.