Yet Another Trailer For Deadpool 2

As the Marvel reign continues, yet another trailer to the highly anticipated Deadpool 2 has surfaced. Stated in the trailer, from the studio that brought us 27 Dresses and The Devil Wears Prada, comes perhaps the most violent marvel movie yet. Once again our favorite anti-hero Deadpool, played by the perfectly cast Ryan Reynolds, is up against a seemingly endless legion on people who just want to see his head on a silver platter.  This time around he will have to face the time traveling vigilante known as cable, played by Josh Brolin, who is in hot pursuit of a powerful young mutant. Luckily DP won’t be alone, this time around he has the x-force watching his back.

T.J Miller, Terry Crews, and Zazie Beetz, co-star in Deadpool 2 set to hit theatres March 16th.