A Closer Look At the 2019 Lincoln MKC

Over the course of this past year, I have had the chance to be behind the wheel of several stand-out Lincoln models including both the 2018 MKZ and the and the 2018 Navigator. These cars instantly won me over with impressive attention to detail, great performance, and overall driving experience. As I got behind the wheel of the 2019 Lincoln MKC, I could not help but wonder if next years model of the MKC would bring to the table. After spending several days in the 2019 model, I am pleased to see this crossover fall right in line with the brand’s superior driving experience.


October might be the best time for car reviews. Not only are the 2019 models now hitting the road, but weather conditions are such that the cars wide range of climate controls can be put to the test. While driving around the city, I was greeted by both the harshest and beautiful weather the 10th month of the year can offer. Luckily for me, the MKC has all the necessary climate controls available on the centre console. Every passenger in the car ( even passengers seated in the rear) have access to the climate controls. Unfortunately, Lincoln decided to leave out an analogue control for the heated steering wheel. Regardless, the function is still available via the touchscreen menu.


The touchscreen is as responsive as ever, offering all the settings you would need at your fingertips. Everything from selecting a media source, to set a destination on the cars built-in GPS system is completely user-friendly. The MKC has also made it a breeze to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth, which is something you are going to want to do thanks to the implemented SYNC® 3 technology, compatible with both Apple carplay and Android Auto.

The 2019 MKC has just about every driver assisting technology you would ever need built right in; I tested them first-hand. The parking assist works like a breeze, although it can take some time getting used to the feel of a car driving itself, the technology renders parallel parking a breeze despite the size of the car. The lane-keeping system does exactly what you would expect it to do. The subtle rumble in the steering wheel indicating a slight drifting out of the lane serves as a great little nudge to get back into position. Don’t be fooled, you still will need to steer the car yourself.


Where the MKC really shines is in its design. The car is eye-catching without being brash. It has a rounder body compared to other Lincoln vehicles but maintains a sharp and sleek look thanks to it’s LED headlights and a newly designed front grill.

What I have always appreciated at Lincoln is it’s attention to detail. Of course, I am referring to the way the car greets you as you approach it. At night, the illuminated welcome mat lights up the ground in front of you, while the lower LED headlights slowly turn on as to say “ welcome back, I missed you”.

The interior cabin is noticeably quiet. Soundwaves from outside the vehicle are matched and inverted inside the cabin, this cancels out any sound you would be subject to in a similar fashion to noise-cancelling headphones. You will have the option to turn the sound up a decimal or two in the MKC as the THX sound system has 700 watts and 14 well-placed speakers sure to fulfil your musical needs.


Compared to some of the competition in the same class, the MKC does provide somewhat less legroom than anticipated. Regardless, pulling back the panoramic roof provides a similar experience to being in first class.

I would have loved to see the driving modes available in the Navigator in the MKC. Still, the MKC is just about half the price of the Navigator and, thanks to some great technological and stylistic additions, provides the full luxury driving experience the brand is known for.