The Bentley Continental GT Meets Fury Road


Mad Max Would have probably had an easier time maneuvering through the apocalyptic wasteland if he had his hands on the Bentley Continental GT Rally edition.


Thanks to National Geographic’s Supercar Megabuild show, the already furious 2018 Continental GT has been modified to handle the toughest of terrains. Of the many upgrades includes an external roll cage, custom 17 inch Insa turbo tires, custom lower arms, wheel arches, two spare jerry cans, and of course the ever necessary khaki green paint job. While the exterior has been heavily changed, the rally version of the Continental GT maintains the 6.0L 12W engine and the luxurious leather interior from the stock model.


The Bentley Continental GT Rally edition is probably the most luxurious thing you will ever see doing donuts in the mud.