MERCEDES-AMG PROJECT ONE: The Street Legal Formula 1 Car


For all those who had wishes of driving an F1 car to the movies, the wait is over.

project -1-amg.jpg

The Mercedes-AMG Project One is the closest any auto manufacturer has come to capturing the Formula 1 hybrid technology in a vehicle that is not confined to the track. Designed in partnership between Mercedes and the Petronas Motorsport Team, it features a highly-integrated powertrain with a turbocharged combustion engine and four independent electric motors: one for each front wheel, one linked to the crankcase, and one in the turbocharger itself. The end result, a hypercar that produces over 1000 hp and reaches a top speed of 350 km/h. Needless to say, this Mercedes has more power than you ever need.


Selective torque distribution combined with the race start function and the elimination of turbo lag, allows the hypercar to go from 0 to 200km/h in under 6 seconds.

Perhaps the only thing more impressive than the car’s performance is its efficiency. The car features multiple driving modes ranging from purely electric to highly dynamic.


Let’s not skim over the fact that the Project One is a beauty. The body evokes an air of power and grace with its multiple air intakes (including the stand out roof intake), forged aluminium wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport 2 Tires, and wide frame.


The interior is extremely slick and minimalist. After all, you are sure to have your hands full with the Formula 1 steering wheel alone.