Great "Driver For Hire" Movies

If there’s one thing we appreciate at DTK MEN, it’s a great action movie; preferably one that places a strong importance on driving really fast through busy streets.

This being our mindset, we can’t help but be excited for the release of Baby Driver. Directed by Edgar Wright, the film is based on a gateway driver and the trials that come along with a life of crime.

In anticipation for the film’s release date, we have decided to make a list of our favorite “driver for hire” movies.



Released in 1998, Ronin is centered around a team of experts who attempt to pull a high risk heist. Not the most original of plots, but when you have characters played by Robert De Niro and Jean Reno racing through the streets of Paris, who needs a plot.

2 fast 2 furious.png

4.  2 Fast 2 furious

Faster and more furious that it’s predecessor, this movie has everything a getaway movie needs. From high speed highway chases to ejector seats and a flying camero, this movie delivered everything a summer hit needed.

the italian job.jpg

3. The Italian Job

 If The Italian Job taught us anything, it would be that no gateway movie is complete without a talented crew. Thanks to great casting, The Italian Job makes it’s way onto our list, and makes us all want a mini cooper in the process.

2. The Transporter

It’s hard not to think of The Transporter film when Jason Statham's name is brought up. Cool, calm, collected and composed, Statham set the standard when it comes to playing a gateway driver.

1. Drive

In a way, this 2011 getaway film starring Ryan Gosling embodies everything we stand for at DTK MEN. This movie is full of aesthetically pleasing props like the wheelman’s Patek Philippe watch, his Ford GT, and signature scorpion bomber jacket. Attention to detail such as this allow the film to flirt between beauty and violence. Why did this film take pole position on our list, simple, Drive is the most stylish getaway film ever made.


The Job never seems to go right for getaway drivers. Unfortunately for them, their misfortune makes for great cinema.

Baby Driver hits theatres June 28th