0 to 124 Miles (200KM) in 7.1 Seconds

If a peak output of 1360 horsepower and a combined peak torque of 4671 ft.-lb thanks to four 1091 ft.-lb inboard electric motors packed in the sleek wheels doesn’t make a car the fastest electric car on the planet, then nothing will. The British NextEV’s brand new NIO offers just that. Just like on a Rimac Concept One, four-wheel drive and torque vectoring are possible on this newest release, as well as an active suspension with 4-way adjustable dampers, without dismissing a hydraulic third actuation for ride hight control. 

The new NIO also promises a 265 miles range for its 777 volt powertrain, powered with stunning indirectly water cooled lithium-ion battery packs. The EP9’s full carbon fibre tub chassis, built according to FIA LMP1 standards, is crucial, as the performance claims include a 0-124mph sprint of 7.1 seconds, a 10.1 quarter mile time, a 2.53 G in cornering at 143mph and a 194 mph top speed. 

The EP9 also comes with 19-inch wheels — wrapped in custom slick tires, huge six-piston carbon-ceramic brakes, an active rear wing and nothing less than the downforce of that of an F1 car.