3 new X-Men Movie will arrive in 2018

This past weekend, Comic Book fans “marveled” at the release date of not one, but three Marvel movies next year.

20th Century Fox announced that the highly anticipated Deadpool 2 will hit theatres June 1st 2018, with Josh Brolin as Deadpool’s nemesis Cable.

On April 13th 2018, Josh Boone’s New Mutants spin-off will be released. The story will follows a group of young mutants as they try to understand and control their newfound abilities.

Later in 2018, November 2nd to be exact, marks the release date of the X-men: Apocalypse sequel X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner  will return as the powerful mutant Jean Grey.

With other major titles scheduled to be released next year, 2018 is looking pretty good for movie goers. Let’s hope these big titles live up to the hype.