Malan Vorster's Treehouse

Designed by the Cape Town studio Malan Vorster, This treehouse is made of four cylindrical towers elevated on stilts, offering the best view among the trees of South Africa.

Malan Vorster’s aim was to create a residence among the tall trees of the  Constantia suburb that would truly have the best vantage point possible. Rather than see the trees as a problem, they utilized them to their advantage, creating one one of the most unique residents ever.  

Residents of the Paarman Treehouse can expect a great view from any direction as each side of the four-storey-high house has large windows.

The cylinder like construct is surrounded by battens of red cedar.

The treehouse is held up by four structural columns. These columns stretched up from the bottom of the construct to the roof, where they branch out to create large rings that support top floors.

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