New Bike On The Block

Serge Heitz, owner of Hedonic workshop, has been working alongside his team, creating custom motorcycles in an attempt to get the word out about their brand. Their newest creation, The Hedonic Triumph Thruxton R, made in their workshop located in France, just might be the best custom piece of marketing yet.

Over 150 hours went into the metal shaping alone; this includes the fuel tank, the half-fairings, fender, seat, belly pans, and side covers. Heitz and his team have decided to leave it's aluminium parts free from paint to highlight the work that went into crafting the bike.

Originally, the Thruxton R was limited to 97 horsepower, but thanks to a high-mount stainless steel exhaust system, the 1,200cc twin engine is capable of pushing well beyond its intended power.

The Hedonic Triumph Thruxton R may have been manufactured to show off Hedonic workshop’s design capabilities, however the bike is perfectly street legal in Europe. With a simplistic cockpit comprised of a Motogadget gauge, ignition barrel, and starter button, the bike never lost sight of the driver’s needs, and is fully ready to take on the competition.