Matrice 200 Series Drone(Video)

By producing nothing but the best drones in the market for both consumers and industry professionals, DJI have solidified themselves as the frontrunners in the industry. Already having a strong roster of machines under their belt including the Mavic, Phantom pro 4, and the Inspire 2, DJI has announced a new addition to the line, the Matrice 200 series.     

DJI has outdone themselves yet again. The Matrice 200 series offers the most reliable drones the company has ever produced. Their high-powered motor and 17 inch propellers allow them to traverse through rough winds, and the twin battery system enables the drone to fly for up to 38 minutes even in subzero temperatures. The drones have a 2 kg payload capacity and IP43 ingress protection level, meaning that the drones work efficiently in the rain.The series offers three models: the Matrice 200, 210, and 210 RTK, each one as customizable as the last.

Need an FPV (first person view) camera? How about two cameras, each capable of capturing different data? The Matrice 200 series offers all this and a whole lot more. These powerful drones were designed for search and rescue teams, powerline inspections, and other industrial necessities.The Matrice 200 series’ only downfall is that is only comes in black, but do you really need any other colour?

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