Ricardo Bofill Gives back Life To A Cement Factory

Thanks to Ricardo Bofill, a once a broken down cement factory is now one of the most unique renovations in history. To say the old cement factory was in bad shape would be a gross understatement,

Bofill discovered the factory back in 1973, 45 years later, he has managed to turn the once abandoned pollution machine into a masterpiece.

The outside is rich with greenery as it is surrounded by gardens of palm trees, eucalyptus, and cypresses.

The building is was made of over 30 silos, machine rooms, and subterranean tunnels.

Turning it into the marvel that it is today was no easy task. Concrete walls were demolished, and a new spaces were created. Now, La fábrica, as it is called, is comprised of a studio, a cathedral, and a residence.

Ricardo Bofill's complex is proof that a creative mind and architectural ingenuity knows no limits.  

Images © Ricardo Bofill