Exotic Restaurants: Paramount Fine Foods

While mississauga may not be formally known as a hotbed of culinary destinations, do a little digging and you’ll discover a trove of hidden gems that may surprise you – and your taste buds.

Given the diversity of ethnic cultures and backgrounds in this colourful city, it makes sense that there are a multitude of great places to eat in the area. Embracing recipes that have been passed down through generations, Paramount Fine Foods offers a passport to the exotic flavours of the Middle East; offering up Halal meats, fresh baklava and wood oven-cooked pita.

Perhaps most interesting is the man behind the business: Mohamad Fakih purchased the nearly bankrupt restaurant in 2006 and transformed it into the thriving success story that it is today, employing over 1,500 people in over 30 locations across Canada – with plans to add another 30 by the end of 2016. His is reimagining the traditional image of the Middle Eastern restaurant industry, and with international expansions set to include Dubai and New York, this is only the beginning for the humble restaurant and its mighty leader.