DTK Eats Well:

Financial situations inhibit us from committing to healthy eating. the world wide web (www) allows us to explore new ways of eating without paying to see a specialist. featured below are three canadian bloggers whose passions for eating well, manifested into a career. let them pave the path to your healthy journey. it all starts with the first bite.

Oh She Glows:

A Canadian who recovered from an ongoing weight battle, Angela’s blog is the secret to a naturally glowing skin. She’s meat and dairy free and most of her recipes are free from gluten, soy, and processed foods. My all-time favourite breakfast recipe was adapted from her Raw Buckwheat Porridge. An acquired texture that takes getting used to, but once you are, you’ll obsess as much as I do. I normally add a teaspoon of spirulina to mine, though the variations are endless. As a lactose-intolerant vegetarian, her recipes opened up a world of foods for me.


The First Mess:

Growing up in agriculture, Laura from Niagara has embraced all roots that grow from our mother earth. Her blog focuses on seasonal/natural foods and wholesome meals that are vegetarian and gluten-free. Her magnified pictures of food make some of the most hideous vegetables look appealing.


My New Roots:

Torontonian born blogger Sarah Britton, created a platform to share recipes based on what she learnt studying Holistic Nutrition in Toronto. She prefers not to label her diet, instead she describes the way she eats as plant-based. As a result, her recipes are wholesome and full of goodness. You’ll find mostly vegetarian, nutrient-dense concoctions, so innovative that you’ll want to update your food pantry.



3 fois par jour (A BONUS for the French speakers)

Having also overcome an eating disorder, Montreal-based blogger Marilou’s purpose was to help people establish a healthy relationship with food. Her passion was to create recipes that would encourage gatherings with friends, family, or solo. She’s inspired many who’ve suffered from eating disorders to learn how to love and treat their bodies. Meat-lovers and vegetarians alike will find recipes that cater to their tastebuds. She’s a proud Quebecer in that her entire website is french. English readers may have to take a few extra minutes to translate the content – or better yet, learn a new language.