Stockwell Travel Speaker By Marshall

Anyone who has ever had a dreamt of becoming a famous musician has probably come across the Marshall brand. Famous in the Rock n’ Roll world for their uniquely stylized and high quality amplifiers, Marshall now seeks to grow its reach by creating an entire line of quality audio gear designed for the avid music lover. Their newest addition is the Stockwell travel speaker, an essential piece of equipment for those who find themselves needing a better way to appreciate their playlists.

Weighing in at a whopping 2.65 pounds, the Stockwell may be the smallest speaker in the Marshall lineup, but it still packs a serious punch.

It’s bluetooth enabled and has two 2.25 inch woofers as well as a two-channel class D amplifier built right into it. The simplistic design features a velvet stand and analogue knobs used to control both the volume, and are retractable for added security. In case you aren’t sold just yet, the speaker can also be used to answer calls and charge your phone while you’re at it.

Retailing for $225, be sure to look out for the bluetooth enabled Marshall Travel Speaker right on time for the Summer.