$39,000 PG Bugatti Bicycle


Supercar manufacturer Bugatti has teamed up with retro-bike company “Pimpgarage” to bring us the PG Bugatti bike. The urban bicycle is the perfect match between two of the best of two worlds.

CEO of PG, Manuel Ostner, says that both companies “ had the vision of building the ultimate bicycle to go with the ultimate car; ultimate in design, workmanship, and performance.”

We at DTK men believe the bike reaches their goal as it delivers on every level. The Bugatti Bike has a reinforced carbon frame, vertical shock absorption bar,  and handcrafted high strength carbon fibre components. All frame cross sections have been optimized to achieve the highest of speeds. The rider is sure to reach record breaking speeds, as the bike weighs less than 5kg.

Those fortunate enough to own the high-powered Chiron can have the bike customized to pair up with their sportscar. Carbon in various colours and different leathers ensure both the car and the cycle match perfectly.

Limited to 667 bikes worldwide, expect to pay $39,000 for this PG and Bugatti collaboration.