Bugatti's $2.2 Million Yacht

Bugatti reveals the “Niniette 66”, the first superyacht from the “Niniette” series announced by the prestigious car company two years ago. The Niniette series, named after Lidia Bugatti’s nickname, the daughter of founder Ettore, consists of three luxe boats made in collaboration with yacht builder Palmer Johnson. All three boats are made of titanium and carbon fiber, featuring Bugatti’s signature blue tint.

Retaining Bugatti’s engineering traits like the accentuated center line and sweeping signature curve, the Niniette series yachts will ranges from 50ft to 80ft in length, and reaches top speeds of 50 mph ( 44 knots). What the Niniette 66 lacks in speed, it makes up for with a long line of lavish add-ons including the futuristic infotainment system seen here.

The open deck is made of leather and blue morta oak, proven to remain free of decay for thousands of years. Included in the lower deck of the Niniette 66 is a sun pad, jacuzzi, champagne bar, fire pit, and spacious double bed. The 2.2 million dollar yacht even has a flat screen TV for entertainment, and a sofa bed for guests.

The Niniette 66’s designers have packed everything you would need to stand out on the ocean floors, capturing Bugatti’s true essence.