The Solar System On Your Wrist

The Tourbillon Orrery, made by the swiss brand George Graham, captures a representation of the solar system to a 48mm 18k pink gold case. The watch is made of such rare materials, it is no surprise there are only twenty in existence. Some of these materials include a ball of turquoise which represents the earth, polished globes of meteorites which represent both the Moon and Mars, and a pink gold tourbillon bridge with diamond endstone, representing the sun. It is important to note that the polished meteorites actually stem from the moon and the fourth planet from the sun.

The strap is made of hand-sewn blue alligator to add. The watch has an impressive calendar year of 300 years and is powered by a custom mechanical movement from Christophe Claret. A stand out feature of the watch is it’s three scales. There’s a scales from hours and minutes, a gregorian calendar, and a scale indicating all twelve zodiac signs.