Maripier Morin

Le femme fatale

Maripier Morin, the sassiest Canadian TV host, and girlfriend of Brandon Prust, bares it all for DTK Men.

By Riccardo Tucci

When did your career begin to take off?

It all started off with my participation as a contestant on Occupation Double, but the public got to know me better through my role of a “beauty” on Le Banquier.

Have you always seen yourself working in television?

Not always. Before Occupation Double, I worked as a representative for Roxy, a surf clothing line from California. I hoped to gain experience in the field in order to work at the head office in Huntington Beach. When I was kid I secretly dreamt of working in communications, but I didn’t think it was an accessible career choice.

What was it like transitioning from reality TV star to talk show host?

To start off as successful candidate on reality TV to eventually becoming a host and model is something that makes me very proud. Throughout every opportunity, I’ve made sure to give my best efforts to prove to people that I am a professional who is passionate about her work. Rigor and perseverance are what define me. I’ve worked very hard to get to where I am.

Did you grow up watching hockey? Are you a big fan of the Montréal Canadians?

Not at all! My parents did not watch hockey when I was young. I discovered the passion that Quebecers have for hockey when I moved to Montréal. I was not following the games and didn’t really know much about the sport before I met my boyfriend. That’s definitely changed; I’m now a huge fan of the Canadians, who have the greatest history in the National Hockey League.

How and when did you meet your boyfriend Brandon Prust?

We met by chance at a bar in New York four years ago during a weekend getaway and exchanged numbers. When I got back to Montréal he invited me to one of his best friend’s UFC match. The date was a little bloody but I was definitely lovestruck! I immediately knew he was my man.

What do you enjoy doing as a couple?

We both have very active social lives and are often going to events and dinners with friends. When we spend time together we like watching movies – we’re both movie buffs!

What are your hobbies?

During the hockey season I don’t really have time for anything else. It’s all work, work, work! In the summer we love to play golf or go to the beach. Spending time with our friends and family whom we don’t see often enough during the hockey season is extremely important!

Are you working on any new projects?

There’s Ménage à 3, but I’m also working on a new television that’s in production at the moment. The show is the Québec adaptation of Shopping Monster, a series that has seen a lot of international success. I also have a line of ready- to-drink cocktails, called Unik, which are available in convenience and grocery stores all over the province!

Photographer Malina Corpadean

Hair and Makeup Nicolas Blanchet