The New old Nokia 3310

We’ve all had that unfortunate incident happen to us. Every now and then, for whatever reason, we lose grip of our phone, and end up with a cracked screen. Over the years, phones have become more technologically advanced, offering more apps and features, but the hardware seems to have been forgotten about in the process. Any small drop of a smartphone will surely damage the screen if it is not protected by a case. This has lead many people to feel nostalgic towards the days of the Nokia.

Nokia is looking towards fulfilling this newfound love for the old phone by re-releasing the Nokia 3310. The phone's hard shell isn't it’s only benefit. The 3310 also has a battery capable of lasting up to a full month on a single charge. There are a few drawbacks however. The Nokia 3310 has no app capabilities, comes with a basic 2 megapixel camera, and only offers the snake, the classic game, and an mp3 player as a means of enjoyment.

With a retail price of only $55 dollars, the Nokia 3310 is sure to strike a chord with those seeking a reliable back-up phone.