Robocar self-Driving Race car By Roborace

This year, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Roborace has presented its completed self-driving race car. And yes, its real.

Powered by four 300 kW electric motors, the Robocar weighs in at about 2, 149 lbs and allows the driver to reach a top speed of 320 km/h. Aesthetically, the car has not changed much since last year's concept vehicle.

Allowing a car to drive itself at speeds such as these requires a huge amount of tech within the car including  five LIDAR sensors, two radars, eighteen ultrasonic sensors, two optical speed sensors and several cameras. All these interconnected parts are powered by the Nvidia Drive PX2.

Roborace had high hopes of entering their self driving car into this year’s Formula E season. They even brought two prototypes to the event in Buenos Aires. For whatever reason, this did not come true. Until then, Roborace will present twenty examples to ten different Formula E teams. They will also pit two cars against each other in July. The real question is: do people want to see a race between robots?