Koenigsegg Regera Carbon Fiber

How would you customize your Regera? This is the question Koenigsegg Automotive is asked their employees in a new series where they gave them the opportunity to show how they would customize their own 1,500 Hp hypercar. While every customized Regera inevitably turns heads, there is one stand out in particular. Steaming from the creation of facilities manager Chrille, his take on the Regera is more subdued and simple.

Chrille went the "Bruce Wayne" route and came up with a black on black carbon fiber finish for the hypercar, this makes the car look like the meanest thing on four wheels. Additional body stripes enhance this diabolical hypercar, while anthracite caliper wheels lurk behind carbon Tresex wheels. A black carbon fiber finish can be found on the interior as well. In addition, the Regera Aero kit was added, along with white inserts on the seat and back wall to enhance the design. By the way, the dashboard is made of black Alcantara, just because.

Congratulations Koenigsegg, on giving the Batmobile a run for its money.

Source: carbuzz