Doug Aitken Mirror House

Thanks to american artist Doug Aitken, there now exists a house-shaped structure made entirely of glass just outside of palm springs.

If anyone needed a place to hide, this ranch like house would be the perfect place to do so. Acting similar to a chameleon, the house's mirror surfaces act as camouflage, make it easy to miss at first glance.

The installation was created for the Desert X art festival. Sixteen artworks have been installed across the Coachella Valley.

Desert X will only run until April 30 of this year, but don’t worry, Aitken’s creation will remain in the valley until October 31 2017.

Mirrors are in popular use at this festival, as other artists like Phillip K Smith III has also used them to make large artworks. This is not new to Smith III, as he has used mirrors in the past to create a building with an optical illusion.