$1,000,000 Cigar Humidor

Travel, Education, Entertainment, these are just a few things that humans have been able to make easier thanks to our long tradition of toolmaking. We have always sought out new ways to facilitate our daily activities. Some tools however, have gone well beyond the expected, and have brought a well- welcomed level of comfort to our lives. A perfect blend of art and functionality, the million dollar Emperador Humidor from Imperiali Geneva is one such tool.

And just how exactly does the humidor justify its steep retail price?

For starters, it comes fully stocked with 24 Grand Cru cigars, all of which have been wrapped in gold leaf and aged for 2 years.

Equipped in the Emperor is a tourbillon timepiece and dials that monitor both the temperature and humidity levels.

Straight out of a James Bond film is the laser guided cigar cutter revealed once a button at the front of the chest is pressed.

The Emperor is sure to satisfy every cigar related need as even a lighter and ashtray are also included in the chest.