Must-Try Coffee Shops in Montreal

There are people in life that can guide themselves through a city using street names of famous buildings as references. Me? I can tell you how long it is going to take you to walk from one coffee shop to another and how many you will encounter along the way. With a coffee addiction this strong, you can trust me when I tell you that the following places are a must-try if you need your fix of strong brews in Montreal.


Kitsuné – 19 Prince Arthur Ouest

Not to be confused with the popular Parisian Café Kitsuné, this espresso bar located near Saint-Laurent boulevard delivers strong artisanal coffee (with beans roasted by 49th parallel) and is a great place to work when you feel like your home is too damn distractive. Come here for an americano and you end up tasting one—probably two—of their delicious cookies made by Sweet Lee’s Rustic Bakery.




Le Moineau Masqué – 912 Rue Marie Anne Est

You could walk by this hole in the wall without even realizing that it serves one of the best coffees in Montreal. Once you step inside, you are charmed by the decor, especially if the weather allows you to take your coffee on the terrace. They also serve coffee from the 49th parallel, but you have the option of testing the one by Café Saint-Henri. For those with a sweet tooth, they have baked goods from Fabrique Arhoma and gluten free cookies from Cookie Stéfanie.




Café Névé – 160 Saint-Viateur Est

When such a good coffee place is this close to work, it can get pretty dangerous for your cafeine addiction. With the original location still opened on Rachel Est, you can also find a Café Névé at both Frank and Oak boutiques. This one is located in the heart of the mile-end and delivers the same great coffee with beans roasted by Cut Coffee. They serve my favorite americano when I need an extra boost in the afternoon. For those who might feel turned off by the strong hipster vibe of the place, you would be depriving yourself  of an excellent coffee, and that would be your loss.




Café Myriade Club Monaco –  1000 Sainte-Catherine West

I used to be a regular at their coffee shop on Mackay when I was a student, so there is definitely a strong “grown up” feeling about this location, established in collaboration with Club Monaco. They serve to their thirsty customers coffee roasted by 49th parallel—officially a popular choice—using a coffe machine custom-made by Kees van der Westen. Each time I visit, I succumb to temptation and buy one of their chocolatines provided by Hof Kelsten and made with high-quality dark chocolate.