Mike Tyson's F50 Going Under Hammer

In the 90’s, Mike Tyson had no shortage of luxury assets. Owning everything from mansions, to tigers, and of course, luxury vehicles. One of these vehicles happen to be a Ferrari F50, one of only 50 ever delivered to the United-States. Ferrari only made 349 F50’s, so it’s not everyday you see one on sale. So you can imagine how people will be set on owning the car that used to belong to the heavyweight champ.  

With just 5,694 miles on the odometer, the champ's prancing horse is described as being in “immaculate condition,” an indication that Tyson never had a shortage of ways to get around.

It comes complete with Ferrari Classiche certification attesting to its originality, and an aftermarket Tubi exhaust fitted to let that that 4.7-liter V12 sing in all its naturally aspirated splendor, making it even more desirable to collectors.

RM Sotheby's estimates that it will fetch about $2.3 million (give or take a $100k) when it crossed the auction block next month at Amelia Island. Whoever ends up in the car, might want to stay out of Tyson’s way.