Haute Couture Meets Street Art: Louis Vuitton Links Up with Supreme for new collection

Arguably the most successful fashion house teams up with the iconic street brand to create one of the most significant collaboration is fashion in years.


Why is this collaboration as important as it is? For the first time, a high end luxury brand known for drawing in chic audiences with expensive handbags, small leather goods, and jewelry, is working with a brand synonymous with skateboard culture, punks, and hip-hop heads.


Both brands have very different origins, but what they have in common is their status in their respective worlds. Louis Vuitton representing the height of luxury, and supreme being the current champ as far as streetwear.  Both have until now been mutually exclusive but have always maintained a respect for each other. Creative Director of Louis Vuitton menswear Kim Jones stated “No New York men’s conversation is complete without Supreme.”  As seen in the Louis Vuitton’s fall winter collection 2017 at the New York fashion week, the collaboration will include a wide range of handbags, belts, sunglasses, textiles, travels accessories, small leather goods, CTY bags, footwear, and clothing. Both companies seem to be in love with branding, as nearly every piece is draped in Louis Vuitton and Supreme logo’s.

The collection will be available for purchase mid-July, and yes, you can expect a heavy price tag.