Going Out

Hitting the bar is all about pleasure; so we know you don't want to waste your time in places that don't meet your standards. Here goes a list of the best bars in Canada for a night of fun and good drinks!



Cocktail Bar

923 Dundas Street West

If you decide to name your bar “Cocktail Bar,” you better deliver a top quality drink menu. Lucky for them—and especially for their clients—this tiny place offers strong cocktails with a creative twist. Try their amazing absinthe-based drink with pistachio and coconut, which is served by friendly bartenders who know their stuff. Jazz music from the 40s plays in the background, which sets a cool atmosphere while you eat cheese platters or try their famous duck wings. This is the perfect place for the foodie looking for a different experience while visiting Toronto.



The Keefer Bar

135 Keefer Street

The exterior is low key and easy to walk by, but once you are inside you can only be impressed by the Chinatown-inspired red-and-black décor, great ambiance, and lighting. There is even a small stage near the front for some live music at night. Their drink menu is apothecary themed, offering the best prescriptions for your wild night, including cocktails that are double and even triple! Go for the Buffalo Soldier (bourbon, tamarind, ginger, and lemon) or the Bloody Ming (vodka, guava, lemon, and Tabasco), and make sure you don’t leave without eating the Chinese churros with dulce de leche.




École Privé

1 Milton Street

This new nightclub, which opened this summer, is all about delivering the best in great music and that old-school nightclub vibe. The team behind the place is the same that owns renowned bars Apt. 200 and Suwu. Artistic director Vince Tsang (the guy behind the look of the praised Dime skate line) conceptualized the overall look of the club. At École Privé, you will find cool kids from the fashion and music industries who are ready for a never-ending night of celebration!