The Superhouse by The Boundary

Ever wonder what a superyacht would look like on land? This new mansion is the answer you've been looking for. Created by architect Magnus Ström, this high level luxury penthouse is meant to provide a one of a kind experience, and is a highly customized, limited accommodation.

Taking into account both the owner’s personal preference and the home’s location, each one will be designed to the demands of the owner. The super house can be built in various locations; from the middle of a city, to a beach shore conveniently placed next to a yacht.

Partners and Consultants will work in tandem to provide custom made furnishings, storage systems, and lighting.

A serial number will be hidden in the facade, letting all house guests know when you got in line to own one of these wonders.

By the way, only thirty of these super homes will be available at a time.

Source&Images :The Boundary