Daft Punk Popshop in LA

Open from February 11th to 19th at 8818 Melrose Avenue in California, the pop up shop hosts an archival retrospective made up of the duo’s old props, wardrobe, set pieces, artwork, photography, and of course helmets. The video shows us just how many helmets have been a part of Daft Punk’s identity across their long career. New era hats, Medicom Toy vinyl figures, KWay Jackets, wham-o Frisbees, Russell yo-yos, and fisher space pens, will be the available merchandise for purchase. Daft Punk also collaborated with Kanye West’s great friend Virgil Abloh, Gosha Rubchinskiy, and Enfant Riches Déprimés, on custom products.

Be sure to look out for Daft Punk, as they will be performing with the Weeknd at this years Grammys happening Sunday, February 12 .