DTK Exclusive: Girls on Fire

Bra ($48) and panties ($58) MAISON CLOSE. Bracelet ($785) and ring ($295) AMANDA PEARL. Choker JOOMI LIM ($150).

Bra ($48) and panties ($58) MAISON CLOSE. Bracelet ($785) and ring ($295) AMANDA PEARL. Choker JOOMI LIM ($150).

Meet the stunning models who took part in this seductive photoshoot. Read on to find out juicy details about their first kisses, favourite desserts, and when they feel the most beautiful.

There’s more to Veridiana than meets the eye. The Brazilian beauty, who can literally play with fire, reveals an adventurous streak through stories of how she earned her scars and tattoos.

Please introduce yourself. What’s your name and where are you from?

Hi, my name is Veridiana. I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


What is your favourite dessert?

 My favorite dessert is chocolate. I love chocolate in general. Brownies. Everything that has chocolate, I love it.

What’s your favourite flavor of ice cream, after chocolate?

My favourite flavor of ice cream is caramel, I love it.

When do you feel most beautiful?

 I feel most beautiful when I’m working, and [have] professionals touching my face and touching my hair, and [taking] good pictures.

 How was your first kiss?

My very first kiss, I was eight years old and it was [with] my cousin in Brazil. And it was behind the bed. My mom was at home so we hid behind the bed and we had my first kiss.

 [When] was the first kiss from a boyfriend?

I was about 12 years old, and it was so cute, because I was “in love with him.” He brought me a flower that he found on the street and he gave me the flower and we kissed.

What’s your definition of romance?


My definition of romance is something very, how I say, “sutil” (subtle). Just flows. Just so delicate.

What is your dream job in the fashion industry?

Of course, I think it’s Vogue cover. French or American Vogue cover.

What is your fantasy career outside of fashion?

My favourite career outside of fashion… I would be a lot of things… I would be a dancer, I could be a painter. I would love to paint more. Everything about art.

What’s the story with your tattoo?

I have a tattoo, with my best friends. We all have that. I was 15 years old in Brazil, in high school when we got the tattoos. Four of us, we have the same tattoo. It’s a butterfly… and they start behind, it’s like “everyone’s gonna fly somewhere, and we fly, but we’re all together.”

Bra ($135) and panties ($112) COSABELLA. Ring SARAH MAGID ($160).    

Bra ($135) and panties ($112) COSABELLA. Ring SARAH MAGID ($160).


What’s some special trick or thing that you can do that no one would ever guess?

My surprise trick… I can play with fire. I can do some tricks with fire.

What can you say to girls out there who aren’t models about concepts of beauty?

Confidence. We all have to be confident and secure about ourselves. We are all beautiful. And beautiful means a point of view, and when you’re happy, you show this to everybody. It’s something about what’s inside of you. If you’re happy and you’re confident, you are beautiful.


 When was the last time you had to apologize, and for what?

 The last time? It was yesterday. I put my alarm for 6:45, because I had an editorial and then my alarm was [set for] 6:45 PM, not AM. So, when I woke up I was like, “Oh my god, I think I’ve been sleeping so much! Let me see what time is it…” and then I saw it was 8:00, and I had to be there at 8:30! I was running around. I arrived about five minutes late, and I was apologizing for it.

When you were a little kid, what kind of bad things would you do that you always got in trouble for? Like when your parents got mad at you, what was it usually for?

 I was a very quiet kid. My parents used to get mad when I just disappeared. And they were going crazy looking for me, and I’d say, “Oh I was just with my friends somewhere.”

On Gabriella: Bra ($185) and panties ($80) LA PERLA. Earrings VITA FEDE ($395). Rings SARAH MAGID ($148).On Veridiana: Bra ($165) and panties ($130) MAISON CLOSE. Necklace SARAH MAGID ($178). Earrings ($380) and ring ($620) VITA FEDE.

On Gabriella: Bra ($185) and panties ($80) LA PERLA. Earrings VITA FEDE ($395). Rings SARAH MAGID ($148).On Veridiana: Bra ($165) and panties ($130) MAISON CLOSE. Necklace SARAH MAGID ($178). Earrings ($380) and ring ($620) VITA FEDE.

Do you have any scars? What’s the story?

I have a lot of scars. I have one here (points to center of chest). That was a mole, and I took it off. It was supposed to be just this one, and when I woke up, the doctors took these two off too (points just above belly button), they were removed. I got this one when I was with my personal trainer. He had me do crazy workouts, and during one of them, I fell, and my bone was coming through my leg. He put a band on and he was like, “Okay, let’s continue!” And I said no! Anyway, this one was with an iron. The iron was on my bed, I was running late and trying to close the window, and then I burned myself. And this one here… my ex-boyfriend was sitting down in a chair, and the chair broke on my feet. Oh! And this one is the most important (touching lower lip). I have a scar here, and this one was my dog, two months ago. I was playing with her, and I think she thought I was a dog, and she bit me while we were playing. It was bleeding and I was freaking out, crying. I had a beauty campaign two days after this and I was freaking out!

Veridiana’s daring and daredevil personality is sure to take her to new heights. Perhaps one day soon her smolder will be featured on the cover of a Vogue magazine!