Must Have Literature For Porsche Lovers

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No one has shaped the image of Porsche quite as much as Erich Strenger. Introducing a new book, “Erich Strenger: A Graphical Report” from publishers Delius Klasing that is the first ever comprehensive collection of Erich Strenger’s work with Porsche between 1951 and 1988.

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Strenger left his mark on Porsche with a design language that continues to bear his signature to this day.


This book pays much deserved respect to a man who has single handedly influenced Porsche's look and help it become what it is today. This is a must read for those who want to go beyond the surface of the German Automaker

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Publishers have brought Strenger's noteworthy highlights and his unique approach to design to the forefront of the book. 

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Strenger left his mark on the look of Porsche during the company's formative years in the early 50's and 60's, with a design language that, for the most part, continues to bear is signature to this day, along with countless print products for the successful maker of sports cars, including Christophorus- Zeitschrift für  die Freunde des Hause Porsche, the brainchild of him anf Richard Von Frankengerg.