GSP Returns To The Octagon On November 4th

It’s been four years since we have had the privilege of watching martial arts legend George Saint-Pierre enter the UFC octagon. Many rumors surrounded his sudden departure from the sport back in 2013, still to this day, there has yet to be an official answer. No point in looking back now, what matters is that Montreal’s MMA pride is back in full effect. In this official trailer, GSP appears to be in peak physical condition. He will have to if he is to defeat his opponent Michael Bisping. Bisping has been the champ for quite some time, defending his title on several occasions. In this trailer, he clearly states how he feels about GSP leaving the UFC while in his prime. GSP and his fights happened during the golden era of the UFC, a time where each challenger had immense skill and character. Although the odds are in Saint-Pierre’s favour, he is coming of a long hiatus, and thus has a lot to prove come Saturday.

Bisping VS George Saint-Pierre happens Saturday  November 4th on Pay-per-view.