Prepare For Annihilation Starring Nalatie Portman

Annihilation, a film written and directed by Alex Garland who previous work include Ex Machina, is based on best selling Southern Reach trilogy, and stars Natalie Portman as biologist who is looking for her missing husband. The film centers around a group of four explorers as they try to uncover the mystery behind what happened to the previous research teams sent into area X, an uninhabited area in the US of which nature has begun to reclaim. Ex Machina took place in the not so distant future dealt with certains issues people might have with the advancement of A.I. in a way that felt genuine and believable. Annihilation seems to be inspired by the poor ecological state of the world and will hopefully be as thrilling and thought provoking as Alex Garland’s sci-fi masterpiece that came before it.

Annihilation comes to theatres early next year.