Watch: The Coen Brothers Directed their first Commercial after 15 years

by Taylor Berman

Joel and Ethan Coen are arguably the most talented American filmmakers. They’ve written and directed classics like FargoThe Big LebowskiNo Country for Old Men, and about a dozen others. On the heels of 2016’s excellent Hail Caeser!, the duo have helmed a new commercial for Mercedes Benz that will air during next week’s Super Bow

The commercial, the brother’s first since a 2002 clip for H&R Block, shows a bunch of Easy Rider-loving bikers brawling in a roadside bar as Steppenwolf’s “Born to Be Wild” blares from a jukebox. Soon word spreads that the gangs’ bikes have been blocked in by a car. When the group emerges from the bar to find out who committed such a heinous act, they’re shocked to discover who the offender is and what he’s driving.

Source: The Fresh Toast