Light One Up... DTK's Cigars Picks

For the last hundred years, not much has changed towards the way Cuban cigars are made. This is because there is little room for improvement. The reason why these cigars, rolled in the largest island in the caribbean, are sought after by smokers around the world, and  among the top choices of the cigar aficionado's list for over a hundred years can be summed up into one word: Tradition.

Since the genesis of cigar manufacturing in Cuba, a great deal of care and attention has gone into each hand rolled cigar. The tobacco leaves take on a unique flavour that comes from Cuba’s sun, soil, and climate. They are then extracted from the western fields of the island, this is where the strong taste and aroma stems from. The leaves are then hung to dry for up to a period of three months. The leaves are then moistened and stripped before the professional rollers begin working. Rollers usually make around a hundred cigarettes a day.  Each cigar’s length, firmness and smoothness, among other qualities, is checked by professionals before being allowed to be hit the market.


Cuban cigars are steeped in history and are a treat to those both new to the world of cigars, and well seasoned.

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