The Magnetism of Unisex Fragrances

Just as a men's button-down shirt can look equally sexy on a woman, some scents have that androgynous, head-turning, edgy and intoxicating quality to them. Each fragrance has the ability to complement a season, a mood and a certain occasion. These scents are for men (and women) who exude confidence and posses the ability to wear anything with poise. Skin chemistry influences the way a scent smells and evolves during the day, creating a distinct essence customized for the person wearing it. Here are the best gender-anonymous scents that will steal your significant other's attention and that make a strong case for sharing.

By Mayillah Ezekiel

4711 Original
Eau de Cologne ($21 - 100 ml)

Jo Malone London
Orris & Sandlewood Cologne Intense ($230 - 100 ml)

Homme Cologne ($98 - 75 ml)

Tom Ford
Private Blend Vert des Bois ($255 - 50 ml)

Maison Margiela
'Replica' By The Fireplace ($135 - 100 ml)