Scott Campbell for Hennessy

There are few moments in life where you have total control over your own body – and mind- and getting a tattoo might actually be one of them. From the moment you decide to put something permanent on your skin to the final result, it’s all about the bond of trust between you and the tattoo artist you choose for this important task. The same kind of trust that pushed the iconic cognac brand Hennessy to collaborate with the renowned tattoo artist Scott Campbell to design the latest bottle of their Very Special Limited Edition series. 

By Marie-Ève Venne

Hennessy_VS_Limited_Edition_Scott_Campbell_Dimitri_Coste_4483 (1).jpg

The artist is the one responsible for many artworks on the skin of A-listers, including Orlando Bloom, Marc Jacobs and Robert Downey Jr. He is also the guy who had the crazy –brilliant- idea of giving free tattoos to total strangers, only if they were willing to put their arm or leg through a hole in a wall and get a secret tattoo of his choice. He did it last year in New York and earlier this October in London, while getting a lot of attention from the medias.  If you are a tattoo lover as much as I am, or simply someone who can appreciate a great piece of art, you won’t be surprised to learn that they were quite a few volunteers more than ready to sacrifice themselves under the needle in the name of art.

"Scott Campbell has a signature style that draws on past and present, combining ancient cursive script with a modern eye and execution, which is a perfect visual metaphor for how we at Hennessy honor our own craft," comments Giles Woodyer, Senior Vice President, Hennessy. "Scott's talent, passion and commitment to his craft reflect the same principles that have driven Hennessy for over 250 years."

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I had the chance of meeting with Scott in Los Angeles, on the rooftop of the very “hipsterish” Ace Hotel, in the morning of the big launch party through by Hennessy to celebrate their partnership. I caught up with him regarding his collaboration with the cognac brand and why some people still have so many damn bad perception of his work field (free tattoo not included).

The first thing that you can notice about him –other than the ink covering his body- is how he seems to care deeply for what he does. If he is gained enough fame through the years with his work, he is still well aware of the emotional process going through the act of tattooing.

Tattoos are a way of taking control of your identity, of distinguishing yourself from the people around you. It’s a way of being in control overall. It’s super powerful. You’re telling people around you who you are and you deciding at the same time who you want to be.

Though he has the chance of hanging out with the rich of famous on a daily basis –his wife is after all the stunning and uber talented actress Lake Bell- he seems still pretty grounded on earth and humble about it.

“For whatever reason, I gained some amount of notoriety in the tattoo world. I think maybe a part of it is due to the great respect I have for the origins of tattooing. I am making sure that if you come to me, I want to understand emotionally why you are getting a tattoo and what you are trying to accomplish. At the end of the day, it’s not only about the esthetic part of it. Your tattoo becomes more a representation of how you were feeling that day. If you had an amazing time, it’s gonna become an amazing tattoo. It’s all about the experience.”

It’s the kind of professional attitude that might certainly have attracted a notorious brand like Hennessy. Or maybe that he is simply very talented at what he does.

Enjoy the best of what the iconic brand has to deliver!

Hennessy Ginger

Simple to make, hard to forget, the complementing spice from ginger is perfect for the sweet spice of Hennessy V.S.

1 ½ oz HENNESSY V.S.

3 ½ oz Ginger Ale

Garnish: Lime Wedge and/or Fresh Ginger Slices

Glass: Rocks Glass

Method: Pour Hennessy V.S and ginger ale into a rocks glass with ice. Garnish with a lime wedge and/or fresh ginger slices

Black Berry

Hennessy Black brigs its light spice and bright fruit notes together with cranberry and apple to make a tall, refreshing drink.


3 ½ oz Cranberry juice

2 ½ oz Apple juice

1 Dash Fresh Lime juice

Garnish: Blackberry

Glass: Collins Glass

Method: Combine all ingredients in a Collins glass with ice. Garnish with a blackberry.

The Lumberjack

That waft of spice cupboard, the lingering note on your tongue. This spirited mix combines all of that and more in a surprisingly refreshing and bold cocktail.


½ oz Fresh Lemon juice

¼ oz Pure Maple Syrup

5 Dashes Angostura Bitters

Garnish: Cinnamon Stick

Glass: Rocks Glass

Method: In a shaker, add all liquids and shake with ice. Strain into a rocks glass filled with crushed ice. Garnish with a cinnamon stick.