DTK Destination 01 - The Amangiri Desert Hotel

Being stranded in the desert isn't so bad when you're staying at this luxury resort.

The dry desert heat of Utah can now be experienced in the utmost comfort thanks to the Amangiri desert resort, one of the finest looking hotels we've ever seen. The landscape is picturesque, the weather is ideal and the architecture is modern and minimalist, what is their not to love?  Built by Amanresrots and designed by Rick Joy, Marwan Al-Sayed and Wendell Burnette, the Amangiri is a testament to modernism and solitude.

The villa is constructed with sandy concrete, wooden panels and surrounded with large windows for the perfect view of the desert sunrise and sunset. Inside the villa you will find a large spa area, an open terrace for yoga, an open concept kitchen and dining area, an indoor pool and 34 glorious rooms. There are 13 Desert View Suites, 14 Mesa View Suites, one Terrace Suite, two Mesa Pool Suites, two Desert Pool Suites, the Girijaala Suite and the Amangiri Suite. The rooms start out at $900 a night, and that's at the lower end of the spectrum. Check out the incredible shots of the villa below.