DTK Goes to a Travi$ Scott & Metro Boomin Concert

Straight Up!

After a 6 and a half hour ride, I finally arrived in Toronto. I was informed that Young Thug was stuck at the boarder, which was rumoured to happen for weeks now. Although I was disappointed, I wished I could hear "Danny Glover" or "Some More" performed live.  The show began at 7 pm, I arrived at the venue with a line up hitting the half mile mark. Complications developed in regards to entering the building, but it didn't stop me from anticipating a great show, being a huge fan of Travis from his early days.

The clock hit 9:15 and Travis was supposed to be on stage at 8:30. This was nothing new to a rap fan, as the old saying "fashionably late" is something they still follow. Personally, I find it outdated and frustrating. Metro was entertaining the crowd with some popular bangers, getting the audience rowdy and singing every catchy hook in his repertoire. Suddenly, smoke filled the stage and the lights turned an irritating bright red. At this point, plenty of  people at the front of the crowd were already sweating. Travis entered the building bouncing around to one of his lesser known songs.

He was wearing a Playboy/Supreme colab jacket with red jeans, along with a Supreme t-shirt and a low-key stand out pair of sneakers, custom red Goyard Vans. Travis is still young, and his style certainly reflects his age. It wasn't until the 4th song that Travis began to perform his singles, and his singles knock. The absence of Young Thug left Travis to perform the vast majority of his latest mixtape Days Before Rodeo. I didn't quite understand why Travis' shows were so renowned until "Basement Freestyle" came on and the audience began to move in unison to the relentless energy emitted by the GOOD music youngin.

Mosh pits and dance circles were breaking out left and right. Travis even attempted to crowd surf and was quickly pulled out by the bouncers and placed back on stage. We didn't hear the end of it until Travis told his followers to flip off the bouncers and give them a harmonious "Fuck you". The antics didn't stop, Travis even forced all the people standing on the sides of the stage to  get in the crowd as part of his "no bystanders shows".

Hitting the halfway mark, the DJ announced to us that we "survived" the first mark and proceeded to play the very popular "All Day" by Kanye West. The song really had no place in the performance and actually disrupted the vibe. The concert was hard to get into as many of his songs included feature guest spots. The songs were cut short for the most part. Two songs later, Travis cut the music and began to tell us of his affiliation for the XO conglomerate.

I spotted some individuals standing near the stage wearing black jackets with white "X"s  on them, they were surrounded by women who looked confused by their own presence. It was at that point that Toronto native The Weeknd stepped out from the shadows. The female crowd members were excited and more surprised than you could imagine, everyone went nuts. Fans and crritics speculated the presence of either The Weeknd, Drake or Partynextdoor, as Travi$ is well acquainted with all three. The Weeknd proceeded to perform "Often" and his verse from "Drinks on us". Although not very popular songs, the audience was pleased.

Finishing strongly on what we assume is his favourite song, "Drugs, you should try it", the concert was shut down early in an incredibly anti climactic fashion. However, the show was something unique, an endless supply of energy given off by a single man on stage can prove to be enough for loyal fans. In the end, all the red smoke and sweaty teenagers in the crowd were only a facet to the reputable and electric stage presence brought on by Travi$ Scott, La Flame. I recommend his live performances to any fan of the man's music, 10/10.