DTK interview with Shura

Aleksandra Denton can edit your video and craft an instrumental for you to sing on. She can play guitar in your band, she can sing in your band. She can be comfortable spending a month reintroducing a puma to the jungle. She can soundtrack a romantic curbside night drinking cheap wine with a significant other.

She has taught herself many things in her path to becoming a multi-talented rising solo artist. It is evident in spending sometime with Shura that her drive to create is not soon to be stopped. And this desire to squeeze the music out of her has led to an accumulation of musical and visual skills at a young age. With her full-length debut due in 2015 via Polydor Records, Shura is someone soon to be sound-tracking many late-night romances in or outside of reality.

Can you describe the process or the order of how you put together a song now that you have the abilities to build it form the ground up?

“It completely changes, sometimes I will spend a day working on a beat and it will just be like I really like this beat, and the I will leave it for like two months and then I’ll have some chords and melody and I’ll be like that will work with this…. Sometimes in London I look like a crazy person cause I’ll be walking down the street and a melody or words will come to and I’ll be singing into my phone just to record it to remember it. I’m just thinking how I look like a crazy person.  It's great, the phone that I have or…had, had so many melodies on it and then I dropped it down a toilet. And I wasn’t worried about the pictures or anything else but the fact I had not backed up any of the melodies."

"I do also believe that you will find them again. There was this guitar part that I wrote for a song that was on that phone and the first thing I did when I got back in to the studio was find the guitar part. I didn't find anything for an hour, it just wasn’t there. I told myself I wasn’t going to stop until I found it, so I tried to occupy that same space from where it had originally come from. If you find something naturally and organically it's probably because that’s how your brain works, so if you just let your brain work in that way again you will find it. It just might take you longer than before because you’re trying to play something that you half remember. You just have to let go to find stuff in a way, you have to kind of give up to find it again.”

"With any melodies, you’re not really writing them, you’re pulling them out of existence. You’re borrowing them from your brain and you’re pulling them out. It’s not like a genius thing; it’s obviously somewhere that you’re pulling it out from."

Do you have vivid dreams that you can recall?

“I do sometimes, I have loads of dreams about my teeth coming out. Which apparently is either to do with coming into money or being incredibly insecure. But my teeth just crumble out, they don’t just fall out they kind of crumble as if so much sugar has got to them. I always wake up and think Thank God I have my teeth.”

It's funny how people came up with these two options for this type of dream

“Ya, especially the first one because that just seems ridiculous, but there are loads of books about what dreams mean it's insane. I should maybe just go into that and write some songs about that.”

If you could be reincarnated as a plant, what would you like to be and where would you want live?

“I would probably want to be a money tree, not because of money but because they’ve got like really fat leaves that you can squeeze. It kinda feels like you’re giving the plant a hug so then like, people would hug me. I’d probably want to be in my dads mini garden. I would want to be in my family home as the money tree being cuddled by my family.

Hugs feel good

“I love hugs, I’m a cuddly person, I mean I just want to be hugged. That’s my next single right there, I just want to be hugged.”

What is your biggest interest outside of music?

“Video Gaming, like 100%, I’m obsessed with Mass Effect. I think Mass Effect changed my life, luckily I have played all three now and completed them twice so there is no danger of them getting in the way of writing an album but Mass Effect 4 is gonna come out I think next year. So hopefully I’ll have written an album by then and I’ll just take on the tour bus with me.

'It’s just so great, I mean, I love watching films but there is something so great about video games and the good ones are similar to good films. You can still use your brain to act through them. Sometimes I want to go into some alien world and shoot some aliens and just…save the world. You can be a super-hero, and you can save the world… in your pajamas. You can wear your pajamas and save the universe and that is such a nice way of relaxing."

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