BoConcept Releases a New Short Film Starring Madds Mikkelsen

The 2nd short film from BoConcept will have you smiling the whole way through  


The collaboration between Danish furniture retailer BoConcept and actor Madds Mikkelsen continues in a witty short film called The Guest. The film is directed by Dejan Cukic, who stars alongside Mikkelsen as his good friend and house guest. The upbeat comedy is a departure from the dramatic undertone of the previous BoConcept film, The Call, also directed by Cukic. Both Mikkelsen and Cukic worked closely together on the script, and both have great chemistry on screen.

The film is shot in Valencia, Spain at the villa of famed BoConcept designer Morten Georgsen, who previously lent his gorgeous home to shoot The Call. The villa is elegant and modern, with white and grey furnishings, large open windows and plenty of natural light lending to the playful mood of  The Guest. The multifunctional and minimalist living room and dining room tables, couches and bed showcased in the film are all designed by Georgsen, who believes that, "beauty and function must go hand in hand. What's the point of beautiful design if you cannot use it?”

In the film, Mikkelsen drives to the airport to pick up his longtime friend, played by Cukic. Once they arrive at Mikkelsen's stylish home, Cukic can't get over all the beautiful women walking in and around the house, and hopes that his friend will introduce the women. However, Mikkelsen  only seems to be interested in showing off all his suave and functional BoConcept furniture, and so the comedy begins.

To celebrate The Guest, BoConcept is giving one lucky fan the chance to win a $5,000 interior makeover. Head over to for all the info and watch The Guest above for a good laugh!