Ikea Speaks Up For Everyday Heroes

Ikea pays homage to the things that make our lives a little bit better, in a big way.

Rarely do we stop to thank our clothes hangers for holding up our shirts. We almost never pay attention to the toilet paper holder unless it's empty, in which case we yell in frustration. The bath matt that dries our feet after a warm shower, the toilet brush whose bristles keep our toilets that much cleaner, they deserve some recognition for the work they do. These items that we have grown up with our entire lives have become an afterthought to most of us. It's only when these small luxuries are unavailable to us that we start to appreciate the subtle comforts they offer.

If anyone can speak up for our home appliances it's Ikea, who have taken a stand and given these home grown heroes a voice of their own. Their latest commercial looks like it belongs in theatres. English actor Terrence Stamp narrates the trials and tribulations of items like the coat hanger, the desk lamp and the mattress. The commercial is directed by Joachim Back, who admits he really wanted to get under the skin of these everyday heroes, "I lived with them for 42 years. I’m full of admiration and it feels good to be part of this tribute.” Taking it one step further, these items will get their own twitter account where they will voice thoughts and opinions. Follow @EverydayHero365 on Twitter and be sure to check out the inspiring commercial above!